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Non-profit mailorder Black Mosquito has decided to print 450 "We stand in solidarity with Ukraine"
posters and distribute them for free.

Unfortunately, they are currently sold out and are not going to be back in production for the moment.
Luckily, there is a new design available, done by me, on the Black Mosquito webshop!
The "No war" buttons, showcased down this page, can be found and purchased today.

You can check some of the images Operation Solidarity and I have received
of people using the posters below.


The “No war” design is our answer to what the symbol Z has become since the invasion in Ukraine.
Printing the letter Z on clothing as some sort of merchandise (as done at the moment in Russia) in support of imperialistic wars, war crimes and overall disgusting acts of violence is never a good idea, nor acceptable.


Wear the button, visualize your stance against the invasion in Ukraine.

The design reads “No war” in English and Russian.

All photos shown below are property of Operation Solidarity, the product photo of the button is property of Black Mosquito.

You can purchase the button here.

product photo-min.jpg
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