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Operation Solidarity is an anti-authoritarian volunteer network organized during the war to jointly help all progressive forces in society to counter imperialist aggression against Ukraine."
- Operation Solidarity

Since the start of the invasion in Ukraine I've decided to show my solidarity with the Ukraine people in the form of design.
A selection of work can be found below.

Learn more about Operation Solidarity.

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine
A simple, straight to the point introduction to Operation Solidarity.

Version 3-min.jpg


Sharepics are images that can be easily distributed, often online (hence the square Instagram format).

These images communicate a clear, straight to the point call for action.
This can be financial donations, donating supplies or participating in other ways.
Feel free to download these images from this page and spread them however you would like.


Call for action

The molotov cocktail has become a weapon of the people in Ukraine,
especially for those who can't or won't pick up firearms.

The image reads "Raise the rebellion" in English and Ukrainian and is only used in Ukraine.

Molotow 2 Image (high res)-min.jpg
Molotow 1 Image (high res)-min.jpg

Intro/outro video files

Operation Solidarity does not only operate online to connect and build a network, but to share information about what is happening on the ground as well.

These intro/outro video files can be added to their video recordings.
This way we can keep the source of images and videos clear and visible in the media. (1).gif

The people at work

To conclude, for now, here you can find a selection of photos made of the designs in the field.
These photos are property of Operation Solidarity.

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